Candidate Area

Our job search service to candidates is professional, thorough and, of course, totally confidential. As a matter of policy we do not have a prominent presence on online job boards and to not download CVs from online reservoirs. Our main service points are to closely match the spec’ we are given and provide comprehensive project management, with painstaking attention to detail. We treat every candidate as an individual and will aim to meet up with you at an early stage to identify your priorities for your next role and, from there, establish an effective project plan.

Many of our candidates have since become our clients and around 30%* of placed candidates were originally referred to us by friends and colleagues who had previously been either a candidate or client.  [ * 2009-2011 ]

What we will do for you:

  • Meet up with you so as to fully ascertain your objectives and preferences relating to your job search - thereby ensuring we can properly understand your requirement and find you the right opportunities.
  • Make certain we observe your preferred contact protocols – i.e. where and when you prefer us to call. 
  • Let you know immediately if we have a relationship with - or have worked for - your employer, thereby alerting you to any potential clash of interest. 
  • Communicate with you at all stages of any role for which you are being put forward. As a standard policy we aim to return calls on the same day and provide full feedback at every stage of the job-hunt process. 
  • Aim to keep in touch with you even after you have secured a new position (hopefully via ourselves!). We like to give all candidates a brief 'tracking' call once a year (at least). Our policy is to build long-standing and successful relationships with our candidates, based on trust and professionalism.
  • Operate within UK legislation regarding the maintenance and protection of confidential information relating to you (i.e. your CV and our database records). 


For an initial discussion Contact Us by phone or email, or Submit your CV in guaranteed confidence and we will call you when it has been received.

Have you considered Interim Contracting? 

If you are between permanent roles or are perhaps seeking part-time work - or just more job-flexibility - interim contracting can provide the ideal solution. Consider the benefits:

Flexibility -   Regulate your hours around childcare, a parallel career or whatever other demands you have on your time. Nowadays employers are legally required to consider flexible working arrangements for any potential job opportunity.

Experience -  Contracting can be a great way to pick up valuable experience of other industry sectors, thereby adding to your CV and broadening your marketability.

Convenience -  The process of finding contract work can sometimes be much easier and less stressful than the long slog of pursuing permanent roles.

Immediacy -  The lead-time to getting into a temp/interim role can often be days, as opposed to weeks or even months for a permanent role. 

Swift Payment - You will be paid weekly, via BACS. Many interim contractors find this easier to handle than a monthly salary as it allows you to plan in the short-term if you are continuing to job-hunt for something more permanent. Furthermore the pay-rate for a temp' role is, on average, 10-15% higher than for its permanent equivalent. 

Tax-efficient -  Depending on your PAYE status, it can be more tax-efficient for you (and also preferable for the employer) to sub-contract as a Limited Company. We can accommodate this arrangement, unlike many recruitment firms who refuse to offer it as an alternative. [see Limited Company guidance, below]

A shop window -  Interim contracting is a great way for you to have an ‘extended look’ at a prospective employer (and vice-versa).  We have a high success rate of candidates switching from ‘temp to perm’ with our clients. That’s because we find the right contractors and we are always willing to cut a generous deal if our Client wishes to hire the person permanently. Our ethos is to never let our own interests get in the way of a client hiring the person they wish to hire and the candidate securing the job they want.

We maintain a roster of accomplished specialists in various marketing disciplines - and at all management levels - to offer to our clients from a wide variety of sectors/industries. Because we are a lean and independent company we don’t carry the vast overheads of the bigger recruitment firms – meaning that we do not have to charge the high daily-rate margins other suppliers do. That’s good news for you because it means we can quote a more attractive daily rate to our clients without you losing anything off your own daily pay-rate. 

To be included on our Interim/Freelance Roster, Contact Us for an initial confidential chat or register your details and we will be in touch. We will need to know about your availability, your preferences for interim work and your daily pay rate expectancy . 

UPDATE YOUR DETAILS  -    Your CV may be constantly changing with updated and additional experience. If you are (or wish to be) on our Interims Roster and would like to amend the CV we hold for you, click here to submit an updated version.

TIMESHEET - click here to download a weekly timesheet.

CONTRACTING as a LIMITED COMPANY -  For further guidance about the leagal and tax requirements for contracting via your own Limited Company, access these links to Companies House and HMRC.


Interim roles we cover

Interim Marketing Director, Interim Head of Marketing, Interim Marketing Manager, Interim PR Manager, Interim PR Officer, Interim Marketing Officer, Interim Market Research Manager, Interim CRM Manager, Interim Head of Digital Marketing, Interim e-Commerce Manager, Interim Bids & Proposals Manager, Interim Brand Manager,  Interim Client Services Manager, Interim Account Manager, Temporary Marketing Coordinator, Temporary Digital Marketing Executive, Temporary Bids & Tenders Executive