Why use us? – Four good reasons!

Not just another recruitment agency, Peter Rapaport Marketing Search sets out to create a difference within marketing recruitment in our region and thereby stand out from the crowd...

Service quality

The cornerstones of our service are attention to detail, responsiveness and quality of candidates. We are not sales-led and never cold-call. We do not employ recruitment 'consultants' but rather Project Managers whose job it is to process an assignment from the minute the instruction is taken to the day the chosen candidate starts in the role. Thoroughness - in everything we do - is our panacea. If that sounds like a big boast then be our guest and feel free to put it to the test!

Marketing experience

Peter Rapaport's previous company, Marketing Northwest, was established in 1999 by marketers not recruiters. The fact that we evolved from the marketing profession instead of the recruitment industry meant that we didn't inherit the bad habits or aggressive practices so often associated with many recruitment agencies. Our staff are all marketing professionals with a relevant degree or CIM qualification and/or a minimum of two years' prior marketing career experience. Our Project Managers know their marketing basics inside-out and will get 'under the skin' of your particular requirement.

Local expertise

Being not only marketing specialists but also regional specialists, we have a thorough knowledge of the ‘business landscape' in northwest England. Our candidates are drawn from all over the region - and from just about every different sector. But we can also source and supply top candidates from outside of the northwest if your vacancy demands it.

Value for money

The fact that we are an independent, operator means that we do not carry the high administrative overheads of our competitors and that is accordingly reflected in our fee structure, without compromising our high-quality service.

... and see the difference

All of the above adds up to a refreshingly different approach to recruitment, as acknowledged in testimonials from clients and candidates alike. We believe you will only have to try us once to understand why.